Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!!


Let's hope 2008 brings us all happiness and joy. A new year to have new beginnings, my husband and I will both be starting diets. He says he needs to lose 50lbs and I definitely need to lose 30lbs of baby weight that never came off.

We spent New Years Eve in the hospital with our daughter. When we got there she had 106 degree temperature. Come to find out she has a very bad bladder infection.

When the kids go to sleep my husband and I will ring in the new year with a glass of champangne. Then we will crash out tired from a busy day with the kids. That's if we even make it to midnight. If we do, we'll say a prayer at midnight for our families to have a wonderful new year full of wonderful things.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Forget me not

Forget me not

My little one

You have left us too soon

Though my body can no longer hold you

I hold you forever in my heart

As precious and beautiful as a flower caught in time

A mother's love does not forget

Losing a baby is one of the most devastating events that can happen in a woman's life - and one of the least acknowledged. A mother who has lost a pregnancy is a grieving mother, and her loss should be recognized.
I suffered a miscarriage in July of 2006. I never imagined that it would be as painful as it was. The loss of a baby no matter when-is very devastating.
I had taken a pregnancy test a couple of weeks before the miscarriage so we knew that we were pregnant. I told my friends and family. My husband was excited and told all of his family. But early one morning God decided to take our little baby away from us. I still feel this pain like it was yesterday. I miss my baby and long to know him or her.
I have to admit my husband and I felt a little abandoned by our families and friends at this time of our loss. I guess most people thought that since I was only 7 weeks pregnant that it wasn't really a baby, or maybe they just didn't know what to say. I don't really know what our families were thinking but we didn't get much support during our time of grief. Nobody called, nobody came to visit, no flowers or cards, we were pretty much in it alone and it felt that way.
But that was okay in the end because my husband and I became so much closer because of it. Now we remember and celebrate our lost baby. We will never forget. My baby's tiny footprints will always be on my heart.

Oh how the time flys...

How do I sum up the next couple of years??? Jacob grew taller and does very well in school. Lilly continued to grow and learn and dress in pink. Gerardo got used to his new career. I still worked at the welfare department while my mom watched the kids.
There were a lot of ups and downs and backwards, forwards and sideways along the way but we got through everything as a family and everything we went through brought us closer.
Gerardo and I celebrated a couple of wedding anniversaries more in love than ever. In fact, I think our love grew a lot deeper as time went on.
We had a lot of fun with the kids, we like to take them places so that they will have good experiences and wonderful memories of their childhood.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

And then she was born...

November 22nd 2004 Adriana Lillian Flores was born 6lbs 8ozs 19 1/2 in. Our beautiful princess was finally here for us to hold. Labor and delivery was not bad thanks to an epidural. Gerardo slept the whole time we were in the hospital and I was in labor...of course he will deny this. I had to reach across and hit him with a pillow to wake him up every time that I had a contraction so that he could get up and hold my hand. We were so excited for her to finally be here with us. Of course we also had the days of sleep deprivation but it was all worth it for our sweet baby girl.

My husband the Deputy

It is not easy being the wife of a law enforcement officer. In fact, it is very, very hard. He has to deal with a lot of things that I can't even imagine, much less, relate to. Not to mention the worry that I have everyday for his safety.
I don't know what I would do if I lost my husband. But, I try not to think about it too much because I drive myself crazy with worry. But that is hard too with all of the police officers and sheriffs deputy's killed while on duty all the time.
Gerardo works 2 hours away from our home and it is still hard every time he leaves for work. I still cry every single time, he just wipes my eyes and tells me he'll see me again soon. As he drives away I always just say a little prayer that God takes care of him and brings him home safe.

Deputy Flores

In October of 2004 my husband was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff for the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department. A very proud day for all of us. I could not attend the ceremony because I was on strict bed rest and could not travel under doctor's orders, I was so upset about this I cried for a whole day. I sent my camera with my sister in law so that I could make sure and have pictures of the once in a lifetime event that I was missing. Some of his family was there including both his mom and his dad.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Bun in the Oven

A couple of months before we got married we found out that I was pregnant. A huge surprise since we had just started dating a few months before that. But we were happy and excited to welcome our little girl into the world and start our happy family. A couple of little things that we laugh about now--- The day I told Gerardo that I was pregnant he came to my apartment and after I told him he said he was happy and everything would be okay... and then he said that he had to go home because his sister Sandra had made him dinner and he had to go eat!!!! He left me alone and pregnant, but it was okay cuz I knew he was coming back! We laugh about that all the time now. Another thing we laugh about is that his sister Sandra must have had a 'sixth sense' about the situation because before we told anyone she made a comment about me being pregnant one night when we went out to dinner, we had to bite our tongues because we knew that I was pregnant but we weren't ready to tell anyone yet. That night was very interesting also because Sandra had just had her baby Alexandria and she cried and cried and cried and cried the whole time we were at the restaurant so Sandra couldn't eat, so Gerardo left and walked Alex around the restaurant so Sandra could eat. That was an insight into how my husband would handle his pending fatherhood. I knew he would make a great daddy.

Aaahhh Love....

In the summer of 2001 I met the man that I would start calling "My Future Husband" to all of my friends. I remember thinking that if I could marry him that my life would be perfect. But, he was taken and I had to wait until December of 2003 for our first date. But before we knew it we were headed off to Las Vegas to get married! One of the best days of my life I married the man of my dreams. I was also blessed to become part of the Flores family. My husband Gerardo accepted my son Jacob as if he was his own and does more for him every day than I could ever ask. I am so greatful for my husband, he is a wonderful man.

All about Us

8:42 a.m. January 27th, 1997 Jacob Vincent Chavoya was born after 52 hours of labor all natural (I would never make that mistake again). Shown here with his namesake his Nino Vincent and his Nina Mary. The light of my life we would spend the next 6 years just the two of us.