Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Like a lot of the years in the past, Gerardo will be on duty this year on Christmas Day. So we had 'our' Christmas on Christmas Eve!
Lilly with all her gifts...she is really into Zhu-Zhu Pets this she got A LOT of them!
Jacob is pretty much obsessed with WWE wrestling, so he got a lot of wrestlers & a big wrestling ring. But his favorite gift of the evening was a new T-Mobile Touch Screen Cell Phone!!

I got spoiled this year usual! LOL! My hunny got me a Keirug One Cup Coffee Maker & perfume from Victoria's Secret, Escada & Dior!!!!

Aaron got so many of his favorite things! He loves to draw so he got an art set & a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba & Wonder Pets building blocks!!
We had a lot of fun and we are so blessed this Holiday Season!!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Christmas Tree....

Here is our tree this year with some of our presents under it!! I am so exhausted from wrapping presents...I need a nap..LOL!! We are truly having one of the best, most blessed Christmas's that we have EVER had!! We are so lucky that Gerardo has such a wonderful career & we are able to get our children pretty much everything that their little heart's desire!! Pretty soon we will hopefully move into a bigger & better house, (as soon as this house sells)...and our children will have an even more blessed, happy life!! Thanks to God for all he has given us!!!
Our kiddos under the tree...Lilly, Aaron, Jacob & Spike!! They are so excited for Christmas, they can barely contain themselves...LOL!! What a wonderful Holiday Season we are having!!!

Click HERE to see all the pictures of our Christmas Tree!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Love L.A.

These are some pictures from our last trip to Los Angeles. We decided to drive around & 'sight-see' some of Hollywood & we ran into a few places & things that we definitely don't have around here!

There are SO many signs with advertisements for movies and t.v. shows! I loves seeing all of these! Some of them are really big and extravagant...and some are just billboards like this one for "House".
Gerardo was dying to visit "Pink's", a world famous Hot Dog stand in Hollywood, but after we saw the HUGE line, we decided not to stop! Maybe next time!

This one caught us by surprise, but when we were driving down one of the streets we ran into Kat Von D's tattoo shop "High Voltage" that is shown on her t.v. show "LA Ink"...we should have stopped by for some 'ink'..LOL..!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

These pictures are from over 1 year ago, but they are just so cute...I had to make an album for them!! Especially when I see how much the kiddos have grown in the past year!!

My Princess Lilly's 5th Bday....

I can't believe that 5 years have already gone by. I can't even remember how life was before we had the most beautiful girl in the world in our life! You bring us so much joy! We love you so much! I am so proud to be your mom, you are super smart, witty & wonderfully funny! I can't wait to spend many, many more years with you!!!
Lilly had the BEST 5Th Birthday that she could possibly have had! She was surrounded by so many people that truly, truly LOVE her! Happy Birthday Princess Lilly, we love you!!