Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flores Family Pizza Night

Aaron caught playing with Mommy's phone!!
Ivan "mushing" his Mommy's face. Toooo funny!!!

Tia Mimi & Ollin!

My hubby & his Princess. He would DO anything, GET anything, BUY anything for this little girl. She is totally wrapped around his finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School, 1st Day of School..

Last Wednesday was Lilly's first day of Kindergarten. Since she is only 4 years old and not quite all the way potty-trained, we have decided to home school her for kindergarten and send her to school full-time for 1st grade.

This may not be the decision that some of you might have come up with, but I have to believe that this is best for my princess. She is very young starting Kindergarten and we were just NOT comfortable sending her to public school for Kindergarten to get lost in a class of 35 kids!

She is doing wonderfully so far in homeschooling. We do her homework everyday. Aaron even gets in on the homework, so he's learning too. She is really good about doing her work and she is pretty smart when it comes to the work that she is doing.

Next year she will go to the Lighthouse Christian Academy w/ Jacob, and we will be much more comfortable with her there.

For now, she meets w/ her teacher Mrs.Blackburn once a week to turn in her weekly work that she has done w/ me. This is her on her first day...all dressed up!