Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Small but Powerful" ...(quote by Tinkerbell)

Last week I took Lilly into her new school to have her tested for Kindergarten.

Since she will go into kindergarten at only 4 years old, they wanted to test her to see if she is ready. Because of how her birthday falls, she will start kindergarten at 4 years old and turn 5 years old 3 months into school!!

She was SO excited that she was going to school. She got up, took her bath, got dressed in a cute new outfit, got her Dora backpack & was ready to go!!

When we got there was a little bit of a different story. She had a semi-worried look on her face. She wasn't quite sure if she wanted me to leave her or not. She kept asking me to go with her to the classroom.

But, her teacher, Mrs. McCourtie was very reassuring and gentle with her. I am actually very happy that she is getting this teacher for kindergarten, she usually teaches 3rd grade & has been Kimberlyn's teacher. She is one of the nicest, most patient, wonderful teachers that I've seen in a long time! So, she told Lilly that it was okay, and she was going to take her to her classroom and that her mommy would be there to get her when she was done. So, Lilly was off!!!

After Lilly was done with her testing her teacher took us to the kindergarten classroom to look around. Lilly was excited, but very calm. It was interesting to see her reactions to the whole situation.

The results of the testing were that Lilly is completely ready to start kindergarten in her teacher's opinion. She said Lilly can recognize & write 9 letters of the alphabet. She can count to 20. She knows all of her colors. And she knows all of her shapes (except oval). Mrs. McCourtie said that was very good being that she is only 4 1/2 years old.

She also said Lilly was very sweet and also very curious & eager to learn. She said if Lilly didn't know the answer to a question, she would say "I don't know. What is it?"...which is very uncommon according to the teacher, she said most children will just say that they don't know & that's it! Her only suggestion was that we keep working on letter & number recognition during the summertime.

We have already been doing that, we got Lilly some flash cards & she does really good with that. I'm pretty sure she already knows more letters of the alphabet than she did even last week. When we walked into Wal-Mart she told me "That's a 'w' & a 'a' & a 'l' & a 'm' & a 'a' & a..what's that one?" to learn Lilly Flowers! we come!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's almost here....

Save the date: We will be celebrating Aaron's 2ND Birthday on Sunday, June 7Th!!!
Invitations will be sent out soon! It should be fun....we can't believe he's already going to be 2!!
Just a little update on our big, huge boy....if you haven't seen him lately...
  • He weighs 37lbs (Lilly is 4yrs old & only weighs 41!..Just to compare)
  • He is wearing size 4t clothes...(yes & technically he's still one year old!)
  • He wears a size 10 shoe (Lilly wears 10 1/2!)
So, yes, we have a very big 2 year old on our hands...and yes, he's a handful!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NO DOUBT concert....

So my wonderful hubby agreed to take me to the No Doubt concert!!! I was surprised, but he knew how badly I wanted to go and he decided that he was gonna take me!! I really couldn't believe that he wanted to go, but it was a pleasant surprise and a great gift from him..thanks hunny!!
So, I find out from Noemi that Yolanda is about to get tickets, so I text'd her in the middle of the night to tell her that we are going to. And we want to take Yvette as an early birthday present!!
So, Yolanda got us tickets all together. Here we are on our way to the concert!! We were so excited!!

We were pretty far away from the stage. The girls 'snuck' down & sat with Noemi & Brenda to sit in the 'good' seats.

So, we were a million miles away from the stage...but at least we were THERE!!!

We had sooooo much fun!! We danced and sang and screamed!!! It was a blast. And, believe it or not, Gerardo had the most fun of all...he danced with me & everything!! I'm really glad that we went, we really needed the night 'off' from the, we love our babies..but we need a break sometime right???

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jacob's Art Show

Jacob has been going to Art Class this school year. He has done really well.

This past Thursday he had an 'Art Show' to show off all of the work that he has done this year.

I took Lilly, Aaron, Martina & Kimberlyn. They were happy to see Jacob's art, but also to eat some yummy cupcakes that were

We are very proud of Jacob, his teacher says that he has a very good 'eye' for art and that he should continue to study the subject of art and he will go far. She showed us several of Jacob's pieces and explained what she was teaching them at the time. It was very interesting and fun.

Click here to see the pictures, it's very short but I had to document Jacob's very 1st art show!