Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Love L.A.

These are some pictures from our last trip to Los Angeles. We decided to drive around & 'sight-see' some of Hollywood & we ran into a few places & things that we definitely don't have around here!

There are SO many signs with advertisements for movies and t.v. shows! I loves seeing all of these! Some of them are really big and extravagant...and some are just billboards like this one for "House".
Gerardo was dying to visit "Pink's", a world famous Hot Dog stand in Hollywood, but after we saw the HUGE line, we decided not to stop! Maybe next time!

This one caught us by surprise, but when we were driving down one of the streets we ran into Kat Von D's tattoo shop "High Voltage" that is shown on her t.v. show "LA Ink"...we should have stopped by for some 'ink'..LOL..!


Anonymous said...

Ya he visto algunos hay wedding gowns with sleeves