Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Christmas Tree....

Here is our tree this year with some of our presents under it!! I am so exhausted from wrapping presents...I need a nap..LOL!! We are truly having one of the best, most blessed Christmas's that we have EVER had!! We are so lucky that Gerardo has such a wonderful career & we are able to get our children pretty much everything that their little heart's desire!! Pretty soon we will hopefully move into a bigger & better house, (as soon as this house sells)...and our children will have an even more blessed, happy life!! Thanks to God for all he has given us!!!
Our kiddos under the tree...Lilly, Aaron, Jacob & Spike!! They are so excited for Christmas, they can barely contain themselves...LOL!! What a wonderful Holiday Season we are having!!!

Click HERE to see all the pictures of our Christmas Tree!!


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