Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So, we've been crazy-busy lately & we feel so out of touch with our friends & family! But it seems like so much has been happening in our lives lately, it's hard to even catch a breath! We have been enjoying some of these early spring-like days & playing outside w/ the kiddos.

If some of you did not know we officially became foster parents last week & got two foster children in our home. A 4 1/2 yr old girl that is bff's with Lilly & a 10 mo old boy that Aaron is...well, let's just say...uh, not too fond of...hmm, we have to work on some!

This first week with 5 kids has really run me ragged! I almost threw in the towel! But, as the week went on & I got into a routine, it has been getting better & better. Hopefully things will continue to go good!

Gerardo is moving out of the house that he has been renting a room in. If you all haven't heard, there has been major drama at that house that could really cost him his career if things get more out of hand. But Thank God, he has found another place to rent a room, and it's with another Deputy from his department so it should work out! I'm so happy for this change for him.

G bought me an early Valentine's Day present & so these pictures were taken w/ my new Nikon CoolPix camera! Thank you you! He even got me a pink one...he's so j/k!! We have officially paid off the Honda...and G called me from the bank to tell me that for the first time in his life he actually OWNS a vehicle!!! But the best part is NO MORE $400/month car payments for that car!! Yeah!!

Lilly and Aaron have been so much fun lately. Lilly just comes up w/ so many funny things, her little mind is just totally amazing. I LOVE to just sit and have conversations with her, actual conversations about all the little things that are important to her, like My Little Pony's!
Aaron is sooooo bad!!! He is a total boy!!! All dirt and bugs and being mean!! He is really keeping us busy, so busy, so busy, I can't even explain what a handful this boy is!! And he talks sooooo much. He has a huge vocabulary, I believe it's because of Lilly and Jacob, he mimics them all the time, he pretty much copies every word that they say, it's really cute. He's started putting 2-3 word combos together, which is amazing..except that the combos are "Let Go!", "It's MINE", & "Let Me Go"...among others that are equally bad...did I mention that he's a handful???